When Your Best Doesn’t Feel Good Enough

What do you do when your best doesn’t feel good enough? You’ve done all you can, you clean the house, changed the linens, provided healthy meals and quality companionship and still, at the end of the day, you feel like something is missing. Oftentimes, as caregivers, we give and give until our well has run dry and still we keep on giving. This running on empty will frequently lead to feelings of discontent and disconnection. Living this way, will make you feel as if nothing is good enough and that something is always missing. Depressing news right? However, there is good news. You have the power to change your feelings and your circumstances. How? By practicing self-love.

You might not believe how important caring for yourself is but it is imperative that you practice self-love, whatever self-love looks like to you. For some self-love will be a day at the spa for others they may need a night out with the girls (or guys). Some will straight out need a vacation, and they shouldn’t feel guilty about any of these. But more so than the big displays of self-love, it’s how you treat yourself day in and day out that will make the most impact on how full your self-love cup gets. Be kind to yourself, speak good to and of yourself. Treat yourself as you would an honored guest or your dearest friend because you deserve it. Caregiving is not easy and many caregivers are in dire danger of losing themselves. Don’t lose yourself, love yourself.

Webster’s Dictionary defines love as a strong affection or the object of strong affection. Don’t you deserve to be the object of your own strong affection? I dare say you do and when you begin to operate from a place of fulfillment and contentment, your feelings about everything will change. You will feel more accomplished and you will get more accomplished. Not to mention, that your caree will benefit from sharing space with a happy, whole and contented person; the very best kind of people to be around. So, practice some love and enjoy the results.