Enjoying the Holidays with Elderly Parents


As we enter the season for many major holiday celebrations, we will most likely be spending them with our families and loved ones.  During this time we may begin to notice the subtle and not so subtle effects that time is having on our parents.  We may even consider having “The Talk” with our parents about what their future plans regarding their living situation, whether or not they feel it is time to stop driving, etc.  Please, don’t do it. While there is no pocket guide on how to move forward, we must tread delicately on our parents feelings, freedoms and holiday memories. Unless someone is in real danger, no decisions should be made during this time. The holidays are a time to enjoy one another’s company, not to begin a family war because we no longer think it is wise for mom to live alone or for dad to continue driving.  We should wait until after the New Year when everyone is making plans for how they will resolve to live during the upcoming year. The holiday season is the time for making memories, spending time with those we love, and setting an example of compassion for our own children to follow. During this season, let’s co-create lovely holiday celebrations that contains all our collected love and pass those memories on to our future generations saying, ”Pay attention dear children, add this to your hearts.” We can save “The Talk” until after the holidays have passed. Who knows, maybe it will prevent some tears or some wars. So add another log unto the fire, some extra honey to their tea, and remind them and ourselves what the holidays are all about, loving one another.