[box] “I have been up all night worrying about my mom. You seemed much more to me in our brief meeting than a buisness woman. When I spoke to you from the hospital I can’t tell you how much your genuine concern for my mother meant to me. The e-mail about the seminar you went to are extra touches that one doesn’t see much in the world anymore. Your name Above and Beyond is just that… and no matter what happens with my mother I want to truly thank you for your help.” Pam R.[/box]


[box] “Thank you! Rosemary is great! She has been a big help! We are blessed to have her! Thanks!” Julie and Bill[/box]


[box] “There are no words to describe the love and gratitude I have for Patty Dangelico.  I called her on Christmas Eve because I needed a caregiver for my husband.  He was a patient in Winter Haven Hospital and needed around-the-clock watching.  Patty immediately assessed the situation and was able to provide me with the “eyes and ears” that I needed.  I was finally able to get a couple of hours of badly needed sleep.  Patty kept on top of the situation during his entire stay.  She even followed up after his early release.  she truly is a wonderful person and one that I am now proud to call FRIEND.” Sincerely, Beverly G.[/box]


[box] “Dear Patty:  My family and I really appreciate everything you have done for us.  You have been exceptional in responding to our needs, especially with the short notice we provided.  the caregivers you provided were great as well.

Unfortunately, my mother is requiring a significant amount of medical management, so we have reluctantly decided to hire CNA’s.  However, if mother’s condition improves, we would like to use your services again.  Please accept our thanks and appreciation for all your efforts and know that our decision was not based on your service, but the medical needs of our mother.

Thank you.”  Catherine C. (client has called back since this was written)[/box]


[box] “Dear Patty: Again, I’d like to thank you for bringing the delicious lunch for our family.  We enjoyed it all!  What a thoughful & generous gift–very much appreciated.

It’s a bittersweet time for me right now, and I’m thankful so many people were here to help–especially you & the ladies.  May your business continue to help others.

Thanks again, Patty.  I enjoyed meeting you & wish you all the best.” Susan[/box]


[box] “Patty and Rosemary, you have been wonderful for us.  You are doing an excellent job of informing us.  Rosemary, you are a Saint to keep this job but I’m thankful you are.

Know that Nona and I feel only the best for Rosemary.  She has been nothing but “over the top” with what she has positively done for my folks, and for us.  Nona and I feel so Blessed that it is you caring for our parents.  I love these emails and am so happy that you and Rosemary are the women taking such good care of my Dad.  It is hard for me to see my folks who have been there for all these many years go into such decline.  We can’t care for them the way Rosemary and you have; I hope you do see them as the people I want to remember, Dad especially.” ~ Tina[/box]


[box] “Hello Patty and Rosemary,  Did you read our minds?  I though about ordering an ice cream cake for Dad/them and it appeared!  Thank you for your care of them and doing such a thoughtful thing.  I adore the photo of them together.  Please save it as I am computer challenged and I would love a copy….”Nona[/box]


[box] “Hi Patty, Cheryl seemed very nice & professional. Thank for supplying such great people.  The girls have been wonderful to Lee.  Thanks!”  Nancy G.[/box]